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Welcome and Introduction to Bouncezap

Bouncezap is a reactive lead generation tool that monitors and intuitively responds to visitor behavior on your website, allowing you to automatically appropriate the right response at the right time, and therefore effortlessly maximize every lead conversion opportunity.

The following introduction is a summary of the key features of the Bouncezap application and will assist you in getting started in converting your website leads from each custom campaign efficiently.

Step 1: The Bouncezap log in dashboard
Step 2: Need Help

  • Submit a support ticket
  • Submit a form

Step 3: User ID

  • Campaigns
  • Account / Subscription Settings
  • Logout

Step 4: Create a New Site

  • Web address
  • Timezone

Step 1: The Bouncezap log in dashboard

Upon entering the Bouncezap portal you will be presented with items that correspond to the next action you want to take.

Here, each section will be covered. You can click the Bouncezap icon at any time you need to return to this homepage, or by clicking the back button to go back.

The Bouncezap portal page is your home screen where you will find your active campaigns listed, and where you can create new campaigns for your website.

Step 2: Need Help?

By clicking the ‘Need Help’ icon will open a new window where you will be presented with the option to select what type of support you require by submitting a ticket for technical assistance, or by completing a form for a general question.

Submit a support ticket

Upon clicking the ‘submit’ icon, scroll down and you will see entry fields for you to fill in your details and leave us a message. Once you have completed this, click, ‘submit a support ticket’ and the form will immediately be delivered to a member of the Bouncezap support team who will quickly respond to you at your registered email address.

Submit a form

Upon clicking the ‘submit a form’ icon, scroll down and you will see entry fields to fill in your details and leave us a pre-sales question or general question about how our site/service works.

Step 3: User I.D

When you click the user I.D that has your registered email address displayed, you will be presented with a drop down list of actions.


By clicking, ‘campaigns’ will present you with your current campaigns, and the option to create a new campaign.

Account / Subscription Settings

By clicking ‘Account / Subscription Settings’, will take you to a back page with each of Bouncezap’s flexible pricing plans, your current subscription details, and the option to change your account details.


Log Out

By clicking, ‘Logout’ will log you out of the dashboard and be returned to the Bouncezap Log in page.

Step 4: Create a new website

The core feature of the Bouncezap platform is to create a new website lead generation campaign, by clicking ‘create new website’ will present you with a fundamental list of features to get you on your way to drastically increase your website conversions.

Web Address

In the ‘web address’ field, enter the Http:// of the website that you want to optimize.

Time Zone

In the timezone field, enter the appropriate time for your website location.

Need Help in Getting Started?

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Integration Tips and Tricks!

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