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How to Integrate Website Data Forms into Your Bouncezap Account

Leads come from all different places, but the majority come from web forms. Consider the number of leads your business gets from registration forms, email signup forms, and contact forms. However, determining how effective each of these forms are so that you can make changes to your website that have a positive impact (the last thing you want to do is remove forms that are converting leads, or turn users off so that they don’t fill them in!), can be time-consuming. At Bouncezap, we understand this concern, which is why our platform integrates with your web forms so that you can determine how well your marketing campaign is performing.

Step 1: Integrate Bouncezap with Your Website

If you haven’t yet integrated Bouncezap with your website, you’ll need to do this first. While you can still create campaigns without doing so, Bouncezap needs to be present in your website’s code in order to view data or activate your campaigns. Check out our guide on adding Bouncezap on any website to get started.

Alternatively, if you want guidance on adding Bouncezap to a specific platform, check out our range of guides:

Step 2: Activate Web Form Data Collection

Once Bouncezap’s successfully integrated, head to the “Analytics” tab on your dashboard:

This will display a drop-down with multiple options. Select “Website Data Forms”.

To collect data from your web forms, all you need to do is toggle the button. When it’s green, this indicates that website form data collection is turned on.

That’s all there is to it! Bouncezap will now start pulling data from the forms on your site. From your Bouncezap dashboard, you can view your reports and even download them to share with your team.

Don’t know what to do with the data you’re collecting from your site? Our experts at Bouncezap are on hand to advise you not only on how to set up a killer conversion-optimised campaign, but how to use your data to inform your entire marketing strategy. Find out more about our Concierge Service today!

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