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How to Integrate Google Analytics to Your Bouncezap Account

Google Analytics (or GA) is one of the most important tools you can use to monitor your online campaign. GA gives you valuable insights into the amount of traffic going to your site, where that traffic is coming from, how long your visitors are staying on your site, and how many conversions you’re achieving (if you have goals set up). This makes Google Analytics one of the most important marketing tools at your disposal, and you can use it to inform your strategy and track your core objectives.

We’ve built Bouncezap to be your all-in-one conversion and marketing toolkit, and Bouncezap integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics so that you can track your campaign directly within our dashboard. Setting up GA in Bouncezap is quick and easy. In this guide, we show you how.
If you haven’t yet created your campaign, we strongly recommend doing that first.


Step 1: Connect Your Google Analytics Account

The first step to integrating GA with Bouncezap is to connect your Google Analytics account. To do this, log in to Bouncezap and on your main dashboard, click on the “Analytics” tab, as shown below:

This will show a drop-down selection. From the options, select “Google Analytics”.

This will tell you whether you are currently connected to any GA accounts. To connect your account, click on the “Connect to Google Analytics” button.

This will direct you to Google, where you’ll be asked to allow Bouncezap to view your Google Analytics data. Clicking “allow” will import your data to our platform, so that you can view your reports in one place.

Important tip: If you have multiple Google accounts, or run multiple websites, make sure you’re currently signed in to the correct email address associated with your Analytics account.

Step 2: View Reports

That’s all there is to it! Your Google Analytics account is now connected to Bouncezap. You’ll be redirected to the Analytics dashboard, where your website data will now appear under “Website list”. Bouncezap even allows you to connect multiple GA accounts, so if you’re managing multiple websites, you can view these reports within Bouncezap. Simply click “select another account” and you’ll be redirected to Google to select the account you wish to add.

To view your reports, all you need to do is select “View Analytics”.

The default view within Bouncezap is “Real Time”, where you can see how many users are currently using your site, as well as what channel they’ve come from and what pages they’re browsing. To change this, select the drop-down in the top right corner, where you can select the timeframe of your choice.

Looking at past data allows you to see your most visited pages, the average pages viewed per session, the average session length, bounce rate, and more. Say goodbye to GA’s complex interface, and get your most important information presented directly within Bouncezap.

Do you need help getting the most out of your Bouncezap account? Our team is made up of conversion rate optimisation ninjas, and we’re on hand to help. Get in touch with us today!

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