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How to Install Bouncezap WordPress Plugin

Having hard time integrating your campaign with WordPress? Not with Bouncezap! Our WordPress plugin makes managing your campaigns easy! This guide will show you how to install the Bouncezap API WordPress plugin so you can access features specific to WordPress.

1. Install the WordPress Plugin
2. Activate Plugin
3. Setup Plugin

Step 1 – Install the WordPress Plugin

You can find the Bouncezap plugin from your WordPress admin by navigating to Plugins > Add New and search for Bouncezap in the plugin repository.

Bouncezap Install the WordPress Plugin

Select the Install Now button, and Bouncezap will be installed on your site.

Step 2 – Activate Plugin

Once you’ve successfully installed Bouncezap, be sure to activate the plugin.

Bouncezap Activate Plugin

The Bouncezap Plugin has now been installed into WordPress, activate the plugin by entering your Bouncezap account I.D which you will find by clicking ‘Integrate’ as shown below:

Bouncezap Plugin

NOTE: Your Bouncezap account I.D can be found by clicking on your Bouncezap preview and test area, and clicking ‘integrate’.

Copy and paste the coding into each of your WordPress pages and copy and enter the Bouncezap Account I.D into your WordPress dashboard I.D prompt.

Bouncezap WordPress Dashboard

Step 3 – Setup Plugin

In the options menu of your WordPress admin Dashboard, locate the new item listed as ‘Bouncezap’.

Click on the item and next, you’ll be prompted to enter your Bouncezap account I.D..

Bouncezap to WordPress Setup Plugin

You are now ready to set your campaigns in the Bouncezap platform: and integrate them into your WordPress website.


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