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How to Create Your First Campaign

This walk-through is designed to be straight-forward and to take you step-by-step guide in creating and publishing your first campaign. Go ahead and login to your Bouncezap account and navigate to your Dashboard to begin creating your first campaign.

1. Create a New Campaign
2. Build Your Campaign
3. Customize your Campaign and Fields
4. Configure When and Who Sees Your Campaign
5. Activate Your Campaign

To help you guide, we added video walkthrough on how to create your first campaign.

Step 1 – Create a New Campaign

The first step is to create a new campaign by determining its type and title. For this Creating Your First Campaign guide, we will presume you are creating a Bar Campaign Type.

Bouncezap Create a New Campaign

  • After you’ve followed the guide above and created a new campaign, then the next task is to build your campaign.Ready? Let’s get started!
  • Step 2 – Build Your Campaign

    In the campaign builder you will see 2 rows. From top to bottom, these rows are:Menu

Bouncezap Build Your Campaign


  • Goal Selection:

To gather targeted conversion, you should determine what is your goal for the specific campaign. Let’s assume that you would like to capture visitors to your site and grow your contacts list.

NOTE: You can target a specific action for a specific outcome, depending on the objective of the campaign goal.

  • Banner Style:

Bouncezap managed to create multiple styles making sure it will match client’s preference.

  • Template:

Visual display backgrounds that help campaigns to be even more presentable and encourages visitors to help rapid growth of conversion.

After setting up your campaign, you are now ready to customize it. Bouncezap made customization available to make sure we will match your preference.

Bouncezap Build Your Campaign Template

Step 3 – Customize your Campaign and Fields

At Bouncezap we made customization possible!

In designing your campaign you will see this window:

Bouncezap Customize your Campaign and Fields

To get started, follow these few and easy steps:


  • Close (X) Button Timer (When would you like the Close (X) button to appear?)
  • Entrance Effect (Select Entrance Effect)
  • Overlay background (Select Overlay background )
  • Theme (Select Theme)
  • Colours (Select Colours set)
  • Font (Select Font)
  • Banner backgrounds (Upload Banner backgrounds)
  • Show Powered By Link (Displays or hides the powered by link in the theme)After you’re done customizing your campaign and matches your preferences, it is now time to further configure your campaign.


Step 4. Configure When and Who Sees Your Campaign

Choose Trigger:

  • Schedule Time/Date: Show the popup to visitors in specific date/time range.
  • Behaviour Analysis Technology: The status of this setting determines if your visitors will be tracked and their behaviour analysed, to determine the best time to serve them your message e.g. when they try to leave the site.
  • Time Based Functionality: The status of this setting determines if the popup appears based on time.
  • Scroll Functionality: This setting allows the popup to appear when a user scrolls down a certain amount on the page.
  • Select Elements: Show the popup to visitors who have clicked the element(s).


  • Segment of my Traffics: You can point segments of traffic for showing banner.
  • Show multiple times: You can show the popup more than one time to a visitor, which did not react earlier.
  • Collecting subscribers: Where do you want to collect the subscribers?
  • Devices: Do you want prevent showing the popup on some devices?
  • Select Pages: Do you want to point pages for showing the pop-ups?


Step 5 – Activate Your First Campaign

Activating campaign made simple at Bouncezap!

As a default, campaigns are inactive after saving it. To activate simply hover over the power icon and click on it.

Bouncezap Activate Your First Campaign

Once your campaign is live you’ll see this status reflected in the status bar.

NOTE: Power icon will turn into green if it is activated and red if it is not.


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