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How to Create Canvas Popup with Bouncezap

With Bouncezap you can create Canvas Popups with ease! Just follow these few and easy steps.

      1. Goal Selection
      2. Create your Fullscreen Campaign
      3. Design your Fullscreen Campaign
      4. Activate your Fullscreen Campaign


Step 1 – Goal Selection

When already logged in and entered the site you want the popups to appear, next will be setting up your goal. Bouncezap managed to gave their customers variety of options to choose from. For this guide, select “Canvas”.

Bouncezap Goal Selection

Step 2 – Create a New Fullscreen Campaign

After creating a new campaign and your goal already set-up, select “Fullscreen” from the “Banner Style Selection” for this guide as shown below:

Bouncezap Create New Fullscreen Campaign

Step 3 – Design your Fullscreen Campaign

The next step is to design your popup according to your preference. On this guide, Canvas gave you the full authority to make your own campaign, showing your artistic side. You can fully customize your popup by changing entrance effect, overlay background, customize html and adding custom CSS.

Bouncezap Design Fullscreen Campaign

To configure the appearance of your Canvas campaign there are two important fields:

1.) Canvas Custom HTML
This is where you’ll place any HTML, Javascript, shortcodes or other embed codes (like a Facebook page widget) to be displayed in your campaign. This field is located in the Optin panel of the campaign builder.

Bouncezap Canvas Custom HTML

At this point, you have 3 options:

1. Code It Yourself: If you are a savvy coder, you can place custom HTML and JavaScript in the Canvas Custom HTML field and you can place your custom CSS in the Custom CSS field.

2. Use a Shortcode: Certain platforms, like WordPress, allow you to use another plugin’s form creator around your site by using a shortcode. Shortcodes can be placed in the Canvas Custom HTML field.

3. Use Embeddable Code: You can also input code generated by another tool. For instance, since we want to make a Facebook Likebox Popup, we can use Facebook’s own code generator to create the custom code for us. Or we can use Twitter’s Dev Tools to Make a Twitter Follow Box. You can even connect with survey forms to create custom surveys.


1) Custom CSS

This is where you’ll place any CSS styles you want to apply to your
Canvas campaign. To guide you, please see below photo.

Bouncezap Custom CSS

When you are finished, be sure to click “Save and Next” your campaign and congratulations, you’re all done building your campaign!


Step 4 – Activate your Fullscreen Campaign

After a new campaign created, it’s inactive by default.

Once you’re done designing and configuring your campaign, hover over the power icon and click on it to activate as displayed below.

Bouncezap Activate Fullscreen Campaign

Once your campaign is live you’ll see this status reflected in the status bar.

NOTE: Power icon will turn into green if it is activated and red if it is not.

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