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How to Create a Bumper Campaign

Bouncezap makes it easy to create and display bumper campaign on your site. Bumper campaigns are a great way to convert visitors without disrupting their browsing experience. With Bouncezap, you can create a bumper campaign in just a few easy steps following this guide.

    1. Create a Bumper Campaign
    2. Design your Campaign
    3. Activate your Campaign

If you haven’t reviewed the general process for creating a campaign, we encourage you to check out our Creating Your First Campaign documentation.
Step 1 – Create a Bumper Campaign

The first step is to create a new campaign and choose your goal.

You should select the Bumper Campaign Type.

Bouncezap Create Bumper Campaign
Step 2 – Design your Bumper Campaign

Bouncezap added features where you can customize your popup according to your preference. You can enhance its design, add trigger and set up audience.

To further assist you, please follow the steps in Creating Your First Campaign .

Bouncezap Design Bumper Campaign

When you are finished, be sure to click “Save and Next” your campaign and congratulations, you’re all done building your campaign!

Bouncezap Save and Next
Step 3 – Activate your Bumper Campaign

Activating campaign made simple at Bouncezap!

As a default, campaigns are inactive after saving it. To activate simply hover over the power icon and click on it.

Bouncezap Activate your Bumper Campaign

Once your campaign is live you’ll see this status reflected in the status bar.

NOTE: Power icon will turn into green if it is activated and red if it is not.


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