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How to Connect Bouncezap with FeedBlitz

Bouncezap offers seamless integration with FeedBlitz email marketing service. Connecting Bouncezap to your FeedBlitz email list is easy. Follow these few and easy steps to connect Bouncezap with your FeedBlitz account and you can have Exit Intent popups and email capture forms in no time at all.

1. Integration 
2. Log into your FeedBlitz Account 
3. Enter Credential for Integration 


Step 1 – Integrate Bouncezap with FeedBlitz

After you’re done building and designing your campaign, you can further configure your campaign by integrating it to different e-mail providers like “FeedBlitz.”

If you haven’t reviewed the general process for creating a campaign, we encourage you to check out our Creating Your First Campaign documentation.

In the Builder, select the Audience tab to view the Integration option.

Connect Bouncezap FeedBlitz

You will see a “Collecting Subscribers” item in the Audience panel of the Builder.

Bouncezap Collecting Subscribers

Next, select FeedBlitz from Email Provider dropdown.


Step 2 – Log in to your FeedBlitz Account

To obtain your Feedblitz API Credentials, log into your Feedblitz dashboard, open the My Account tab from the left menu and navigate to the API Keys page.

Log in FeedBlitz Account

You may need to select the Generate API Key button if you haven’t previously generated your API Key.

Once you’ve navigated to the API Keys page and have generated an API Key, your API Key will appear in a large tan box for you to copy.

FeedBlitz API Key

Obtaining your FeedBlitz List ID is just simple. From the “Site Summary” choose Bouncezap and it will bring you to a new page.

FeedBlitz Site Summary

From Bouncezap “Site” page, you’ll see a mailing list ID at the top left corner of the page. Copy it and head back to Bouncezap.

FeedBlitz Site Page


Step 3 – Enter Credentials for Integration

When done pasting the API Key and List ID, click “Test Connection”,then a dialog box will popup as shown below.

Bouncezap FeedBlitz Test Connection

CONGRATULATIONS! You successfully integrated your FeedBlitz account with your Bouncezap account.

NOTE: Always click on “Save and Next” every time you’re making changes.



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