Increase Your Conversion Rate Using Exit Intent Pop-Ups

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Converting website users can seem tricky, especially if they leave your website before you’re able to convert them into a subscriber, a customer, or a lead. Fortunately, exit intent popups are designed with the intention of converting customers before they exit your website — and they’re highly effective at that.

What Is An Exit Intent Popup?

An exit intent popup is a website overlay that is triggered when a user tries to leave a site. When this happens, a popup appears on the visitor’s screen, asking them to consider something — a product, a service, an ebook offer, a newsletter signup, and so forth — before they leave. Many times exit intent popups are used to reel users back onto a website, as many e-commerce sites do when a prospective buyer begins to leave before they finish purchasing items they’ve left in a shopping cart. Other times online shops will use exit intent popups to offer discount codes to potential customers, in the hope that they’ll change their mind and return to make a purchase on the website.

The possibilities for exit intent popups are virtually limitless, allowing website owners the ability to both flex and showcase their creativity. But their main intent should always be to convert a website visitor into something more — a customer, a lead or a subscriber.

Using Exit Intent Popups To Increase Conversion

As with many other types of popups, exit intent popups can lead to an increased conversion rate if crafted and implemented properly. You can use exit intent popups to:

  • Pitch a potential customer one last time about the products or services you offer, or a sale you’re about to have
  • Help prevent potential customers from abandoning their online carts by warning them that they may lose the items should they leave the website
  • Grow your subscriber base by offering free content like ebooks or white papers, as well as provide the opportunity for visitors to sign up for your email newsletter or other subscription-based marketing lists
  • Recommend other products, services or even content on your website, with the intent of making a sell or gaining a lead

Ultimately, the goal of your popup is to convert. Fortunately, exit intent popups are especially effective at increasing conversion. We’ll explore three reasons why here.

1. Exit intent popups give website users an alternative option.

When considering how exit intent popups can increase conversion, first think about why your website visitors might be leaving your site to begin with. Have they:

  • Finished the article on your website, or become bored with the content altogether?
  • Become distracted by something around them, forgetting why they were on your site to begin with?
  • Found a product’s price to be too expensive, or are strategically waiting for a discount to appear?

By using exit intent popups, you can help preempt some of these departures by offering an alternative option for your visitors that can lead to a possible conversion. Using the above questions as an example, you could:

  • Offer a signup link to gives users a free downloadable ebook you have developed, quenching their thirst for more compelling content and giving you an additional subscriber.
  • Offer a compelling reason they may want to stay present on your site — for example, ‘Do you want to learn how to gain 50,000 visitors in a month? Click here to find out how.’ — that converts to a lead.
  • Offer a discount code to keep price-sensitive shoppers on your web store, possibly leading to a new customer.

2. Exit intent popups present website visitors with one specific call-to-action.

The experience for a website user can be overwhelming, truthfully. With so many options and choices — click on this page, register for that thing, shop for this item — many website visitors become overwhelmed and simply leave. By redirecting a user’s attention to one specific call-to-action, you’re providing them with clear direction about what you want them to do. And in terms of increasing conversion, specifically saying, ‘Before you leave, why not do this one thing’ can have very high results.

3. Exit intent popups maximise user engagement.

Because exit intent popups are targeted specifically to one action, they can help maximise user engagement by bringing a visitor’s focus to the action item you’re requesting. What’s more, exit intent popups are versatile. They can be developed specific to certain website pages and can be positioned and called on virtually any space on your website.

Exit Intent Popups With Bouncezap

Bouncezap offers exit intent popups as a specific service offering. To learn more about how Bouncezap can help you gain more conversions on your website, visit our website today.