How to Grow Email Subscriptions by 1000%

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One of the most common questions all website owners ask themselves is, ‘How can I grow my subscription base’? And that’s an important question to have answered — after all, email subscriptions result in leads, and leads can result in sales. The truth is, growing your subscription base by 1000 per cent is not as difficult as it sounds. With the right email marketing tools and a couple of tried and true email subscription strategies, you can grow your email subscriptions significantly.

Use Lead Magnets to Draw Interest

When you’re trying to grow your email subscription base, the first thing you should focus on is how you’re getting site visitors to sign up in the first place. You need to give your site visitors an incentive — what’s known in the marketing world as a ‘lead magnet’ — to gain their interest in signing up. Lead magnets can be virtually anything that’s targeted to your particular audience or customer base that they would find enticing. Some of the most popular lead magnets offered by many websites today include:


  • Ebooks: Digital books about topics of interest to your audience or customer base make great lead magnets that can attract huge numbers of email subscribers. In the ebook world, the more niche the topic the better: as long as the topic is relevant to the products, service or theme of your website, it’s likely to attract attention — and email subscriptions — that will grow your leads.

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  • White Papers: A white paper is an authoritative report that gives information about, or proposals on, a certain topic or issue. In much the same vein as the ebook, white papers can be big draws for email signups and can help you increase your subscription base. White papers are especially lucrative if you offer professional services or business to business solutions. Again, remember your audience, and keep the topic relevant to what they would want to know.

  • Special Offers: If you sell products online, offering special offers — such as first-time buyer discounts or the occasional per cent off on certain popular items — can be lucrative in growing email subscriptions.

Create Targeted Email Popups With Relevance to Your Website Visitors

There’s an adage that says, ‘If you want something, ask for it. The worst they can say is no.’ This tidbit of truth is especially relevant when it comes to growing email subscriptions. One way to ‘ask’ a potential lead for their email address is in the form of an email popup. When it comes to email popups as a way to grow subscriptions, however, you’ll want to be sure that you’re reaching the right audience at the right moment. Consider the following ‘3 T’s’ when planning your email popup design.

  • Traction: How likely is it that your site visitor will signup for whatever you’re offering? In other words, how will your lead magnet lead to maximum traction? When asking a visitor for their email, make sure they understand what they’ll receive for giving it. Focus on what they’ll get, not what you’ll receive.
  • Targeting: Target your email popups so they appear at the most opportune times in the most opportune places. Hook your customer with a great product description, then seal the deal with a discount in exchange for their email.
  • Timing: Make sure when you do the ‘asking’ (that is, when you’re making the email popup appear) that it’s done at the appropriate time. Experiment with page positioning, utilise scroll based popups, and A/B test all aspects of the email popup to get the most email subscribers you can.

Use And Respond To Behaviour Analysis Technology

One final way to grow your email subscribers list is by utilising behaviour analysis technology. Bouncezap offers built-in behaviour analysis technology on our lead conversion plugin. Monitoring visitor behaviour allows you to understand when and how they are using your website, thereby allowing you to target specific times in which to ask them to signup for your email subscription.

Substantially growing your email subscriptions is easy when you apply these email marketing tools and tricks, and Bouncezap can assist you in the process. To learn more about Bouncezap’s selection of website marketing solutions, or to see how we can help you increase email conversions on popular website management systems like WordPress and Shopify, visit our website today.