Bouncezap is Now the Most Customisable WordPress Popup

Here’s some great news you’ll want to share with your website administrator: Bouncezap, the world’s most powerful conversion optimisation software, is now the most customisable lead generation plugin WordPress has ever seen.

The Bouncezap plugin, which can be connected with both WordPress and Shopify websites, has many desirable features that online marketers are looking for:

  • Conversion Issue Identification Capabilities: In tandem with the Google Analytics Dashboard, Bouncezap pulls and organises vital information that helps you quickly and easily identify issues with website conversion.
  • Built-In Email List Growth Features: A number of customisable templates and our exit intent technology allow you to substantially grow your email list.
  • Website Form Data Analysis Feature: A feature that creates reports for you to analyse based on the form data you collect on your website.
  • Abandon Sales Recovery Feature: A intuitive sales feature that helps you to increase your bottom line by automatically reminding users who are about to leave your website that they still have items left in their shopping cart.
  • Features That Increase Conversion Rates: Personalised messages, special promotions and new products can all be highlighted to help you increase sales and convert users into buyers.

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Lead Generation and Conversion For A New Era Of Online Marketing

The world of online marketing is ever changing, and Bouncezap is committed to providing solutions that are relevant and desirable to today’s website owners and users alike. Some notable solutions include:

  • Website Popups: Our website popup builder allows you to target your visitors with the right message at the right time. Customisable templates make the process of building easy and fun.
  • Exit Intent Popups: Our exit intent popups builder allows you to make a personalised popup that appears when a visitor is about to leave your site. This streamlines your sales process, giving you one more chance to maximise your website and make the conversion.
  • Email Popups: When you’re trying to build your email subscription list, our email popups solution allows you to collect emails directly through your website. The pre-designed templates and customisable features allow you to install these one-click popups with ease.

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Site-Wide Solutions, No Matter the Industry

Bouncezap’s lead generation plugin works on most any WordPress or Shopify website, regardless of your business’ industry. The Bouncezap plugin has helped:

  • Estate agents and property sellers build customisable property banners to help them make quick and easy estate sells
  • Restaurants and food workers attract customers and generate leads with special promotions and per cent discount popups
  • Eccomerce website owners generate leads online and convert last minute prospective buyers to customers through our plugin’s abandoned sales recovery feature

Try It Yourself

Being the most customisable WordPress popup plugin means Bouncezap can help more business owners meet their conversion and lead generation goals. But don’t just take our word for it: try Bouncezap for yourself. And if you’d like to learn more about our product or the services we offer, visit our website.