Bouncezap Case Study: How To Explode Your Brand Exposure With Over 64,000 YouTube Views in Just 2 Months

Bouncezap Case Study: How To Explode Your Brand Exposure With Over 64,000 YouTube Views in 2 Months

The Future of Video Marketing

Have you ever wondered why you tend to pay attention more to videos over images?

A study in 2015 predicted that video marketing would account for 79% of all internet traffic in the next 3 years. We’ve already witnessed such innovations in our online experience over the past few years. GIFs, short films, and live video streaming are increasingly being used by businesses to promote their products and services.

A video is more powerful in conveying your message versus a plain text-based popup. It can even leave a long-lasting impression on your visitors when designed and executed properly.

In this case study, we’re going to show you how Doorsteps, an estate agency based in London, effectively used Bouncezap’s Video Popup to achieve an explosion in brand exposure within just 2 months. Here’s what they achieved:

  • Over 64,000 popup embedded YouTube views
  • Over 1 million total YouTube views
  • 64% Conversion Rate

Amazing results, right?

Bouncezap Case Study: How To Explode Your Brand Exposure With Over 64,000 YouTube Views in 2 Months

How Doorsteps Used Bouncezap’s Video Popup

Doorsteps took advantage of Bouncezap’s Video Popup feature in their real estate marketing campaign from November 2017 to January 2018. Because of this, their YouTube video received over one million YouTube views.

Bouncezap's Behaviour Analysis Technology: Exit Intent and Time-Based triggers

Doorsteps created their campaign based on 2 triggers: Exit Intent and Time-Based. This means, when a visitor goes to leave the website, the popup will trigger. With the time-based trigger, the popup activates when a visitor has stayed on the website for one minute.

These triggers integrate with Bouncezap’s Behaviour Analysis Technology, which analyses the navigation behaviour of a visitor to help you decide the best trigger for a specific campaign.

The 4 Elements of a Video Popup

We bet you’re wondering, “how can I achieve that success?” We’re going to talk you through the entire process, so that you can set up your own video marketing campaign and watch your views and conversions skyrocket. To achieve astonishing results with your campaigns using a video popup, there are four essential elements. What you include will depend on your business and core offering, but it’s crucial to consider these before launching your campaign.

  1. Giveaway or promotional offer: Your offer needs to provide value and be worthwhile for visitors to engage with. If you don’t offer an incentive to users in exchange for their valuable information, you’ll struggle to increase your conversion rate. Doorsteps offered a free service in their video popup, giving users a “free online valuation”.
  2. Details: You should include as much detail about your offer as possible, such as how to qualify for a promotion. However, it’s important not to clutter your design and overload users. Include only what needs to be on your popup.
  3. YouTube video: Your video is the standout element of your popup and your primary conversion tool, so take the time to determine the story you want to tell and the approach you want to take. Once you’ve created your video, you’ll need to upload it to YouTube, so that you can embed it into your popup.
  4. Trigger: Finally, you’ll need to consider which trigger you want to use. This will determine when your popup will appear to users. If you use a scroll trigger, your popup will appear when a visitor scrolls a predetermined percentage down your page. Alternatively, you can use your video popup in a welcome mat to engage users as soon as they land, or when a user is about to exit your website. Don’t forget that by using Bouncezap, you can also use our Behaviour Analysis Tool to give you valuable insights into how users are navigating your website, and to determine the most effective trigger.

The first step to benefiting from remarkable conversions is to sign up for your free Bouncezap account.

How to Create a Video Popup

So, you’ve seen the results Doorsteps achieved, but how can you do it? Bouncezap’s integration with YouTube makes it easy for businesses to embed a video on their website popup.

  1. Create a new campaign

Log into your Bouncezap account and create a new campaign. First, you need to set your goals. You can choose from our selection of existing goals, including growing your mailing list, or promoting a product, and you can even create your own, but for this purpose we’ll select “Canvas”.

Step 1 - How to Create a Video Popup in Bouncezap

  1. Create a Lightbox campaign

The Banner Style Selection page is where you’ll select how your popup will be displayed. To replicate Doorsteps’ video popup, we’ll select “Lightbox”. This will appear in the middle of the screen, darkening the content behind it to make your popup stand out.

Step 2 - How to Create a Video Popup in Bouncezap

  1. Customise the campaign and embed your YouTube video

The customise page allows you to design your popup according to your preferences. Here you can add in the copy you want to display and change the appearance of your popup to align with your branding. To embed your video, you’ll need the HTML code corresponding to your video.  To find this, go to your video on YouTube, select “Share”, and “Embed”. This will give you the embed code you need to copy into Bouncezap. Here, you can also select whether you want to show the video title and player controls. Finally, navigate to the Custom HTML panel and paste in your unique HTML code.

Important tip: Don’t forget to save your campaign by selecting “Save and Next”!

Step 3 - How to Create a Video Popup in Bouncezap

4. Activate the campaign

Once you’ve saved your campaign, all that’s left to do is set it live by activating it. Simply click on the Power icon to activate your video popup.

Step 4 - How to Create a Video Popup in Bouncezap

Do you want to experience the same level of brand exposure and conversion success that Doorsteps is enjoying? Register for your free Bouncezap account, and let your video popup do the rest.