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14 Questions eCommerce Agencies should ask their clients

Ecommerce sites are challenging projects for an agency to work on, even for experienced teams. Traditional websites are static online signposts that are occasionally updated, while webstores are living, breathing commercial spaces where money changes hands and product moves across the world. When a customer approaches you to build their ecommerce site, you can’t afford […]

5 Simple Rules to Maximise Your Email Marketing Conversion

One of the most difficult aspects of email marketing is convincing an email subscriber to become something more — a buyer, for instance. Email marketing conversion is a much talked about subject in the field of online marketing, but it’s often presented in an abstract, hard-to-follow manner. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. The more […]

10 Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Your Conversions

The bounce rate on your website can have a dramatic negative result on your conversion attempts. Luckily, most causes of bouncing — and the subsequent effect it has on your conversion rate — can be remedied with just a few modifications. If you’re wanting to increase conversion rate on your online marketing campaigns, here are ten quick […]

5 Reasons You Need to Capture More Emails

You’ve heard it time and time again: capture emails, they’re the best way to reach potential customers. But have you ever considered just how much impact email campaigns can have? With the advent of email marketing software, it’s easier than ever to capture a potential customer’s email address — and all the statistical evidence says you […]

Bouncezap is Now the Most Customisable WordPress Popup

Here’s some great news you’ll want to share with your website administrator: Bouncezap, the world’s most powerful conversion optimisation software, is now the most customisable lead generation plugin WordPress has ever seen. The Bouncezap plugin, which can be connected with both WordPress and Shopify websites, has many desirable features that online marketers are looking for: Conversion Issue […]

4 Email Marketing Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Email marketing is a large and ever-growing industry filled with professionals willing to give you their advice. If you were to type ’email marketing advice’ into an online search engine, literally millions of results would appear. But not all advice is created equal, and some so-called ‘facts’ are actually ‘fakes’. Here are four common email […]

How to Grow Email Subscriptions by 1000%

One of the most common questions all website owners ask themselves is, ‘How can I grow my subscription base’? And that’s an important question to have answered — after all, email subscriptions result in leads, and leads can result in sales. The truth is, growing your subscription base by 1000 per cent is not as […]

5 Email Popup Best Practices To Skyrocket Your List

Every website owner who designs an email popup campaign always seeks the most from their pop up conversion. Unfortunately, not all email popups are created equal — and some are just downright lousy if we’re telling the truth. So how do you design a successful email popup that will skyrocket your leads list? The following guide […]

5 Lead Generation Tips for Those in Property Selling

As a property agent, you’re probably always looking for new buying leads for the properties you’re selling. But lead generation is hard work that takes time, skill and patience. Luckily, lead generation has never been easier thanks to the Internet. If you’re looking to gain more leads from your estate agency website, here are five […]

Increase Your Conversion Rate Using Exit Intent Pop-Ups

Converting website users can seem tricky, especially if they leave your website before you’re able to convert them into a subscriber, a customer, or a lead. Fortunately, exit intent popups are designed with the intention of converting customers before they exit your website — and they’re highly effective at that. What Is An Exit Intent Popup? An exit […]