5 Reasons You Need to Capture More Emails

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You’ve heard it time and time again: capture emails, they’re the best way to reach potential customers. But have you ever considered just how much impact email campaigns can have? With the advent of email marketing software, it’s easier than ever to capture a potential customer’s email address — and all the statistical evidence says you should. But don’t just take our word for it. Read on to learn five reasons why you need to be capturing more emails.

1. Email Subscribers Are Potential Buyers

The first and most important reason to capture emails is that each email is connected to an individual, and each individual is a potential customer. This may seem obvious, of course, but do you fully understand the impact of having an email subscriber? Consider these hard facts to put things in perspective:

  • Nearly 80 per cent of UK shoppers make purchases online, according to a report from Royal Mail, and many of these customers first heard about a product from an email.
  • 91 per cent of consumers check their email daily, according to a report in Forbes. That’s millions of potential buyers ready to learn about your product or service.
  • 2014 report showed that for every £1 spent by UK business owners on email marketing, they were able to get a return of nearly £24.93 for their investment. That was a 16 per cent increase in the rate of return from just two years prior — and the number continues to climb.

2. Emails Serve As An Introduction to Your Business

For many prospective buyers, the emails you send can be some of the first introductions they receive about your products or services. This is significant considering more than 70 per cent of purchasing decisions are influenced by promotional emails, according to Constant Contact. Capturing emails and sending regular updates about your venture gives you control over how consumers view your products and services.

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3. You Can Build Brand Loyalty With a Subscriber Base

Consider this sobering statistic: Nearly 66 per cent of consumers make purchases online because of a marketing email, according to the Data and Marketing Association. Many of these consumers will become brand loyalist and advocates, thanks to the efforts of email marketing. Capturing emails allows your business to build strong brand loyalty. Regular communications in the form of email campaigns and other email marketing techniques only serve to strengthen this bond.

4. Email Is Preferred By Consumers

Considering our fascination with social media, you might think that consumers would prefer receiving promotional content on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. But a 2013 study found that 72 per cent of people actually prefer receiving promotional content by email. When you capture emails, you’re giving consumers what they want — a chance to learn about your business in their most intimate social space, their inbox.

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5. You’ll Always Have An Active Audience For New Launches

Capturing client or customer emails means you’ll always have an audience for your new product or service launches. Considering almost 8 per cent of businesses receive half their sales through email, that’s a fairly good reason you should be launching your product or service through customer’s inboxes.

As we’ve made clear, capturing emails is an important part of a successful online marketing strategy. If you’re looking for a website plugin that will help you capture more emails, why not try Bouncezap? Our platform offers a number of easy-to-use solutions that will help build your email list in no time.