5 Lead Generation Tips for Those in Property Selling

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As a property agent, you’re probably always looking for new buying leads for the properties you’re selling. But lead generation is hard work that takes time, skill and patience. Luckily, lead generation has never been easier thanks to the Internet. If you’re looking to gain more leads from your estate agency website, here are five tips that’ll help do the trick.

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1. Automate Your Online Lead Generation

Generating leads online is easy when you automate your lead generation strategies. One of the easiest ways to automate lead generation is through the use of popups. Website popups load automatically based on predetermined rules that you establish. For instance, you may have a popup appear when a visitor reaches a certain point on a page, or before the visitor leaves your website. When automating lead generation using popups, remember to:

  • Trigger your popups at the most opportune time, when website users are actively engaged in learning more about your estate agency or the properties you sell.
  • Keep the text and design simple and direct. Ask them to take a specific action (for example, sign up for our property sell newsletter) and then give users a straightforward way to complete the task.
  • Always make it mobile friendly. More than 50 per cent of website users access websites by mobile devices. You’ll want to make sure your popups are responsive to mobile.

2. Use Exit Intent Popups to Capture Leads Before They Leave Your Site

Sometimes a website user will not convert during a standard browsing of your estate website. One way to capture more leads before a potential customer leaves your website is to use exit intent popups. These popups appear before a website user exits your site, and are very effective at capturing last-minute leads that could eventually convert to buyers.

3. Use Behaviour Analysis Technology To Gain Potential Customers

Behaviour analysis technology allows you to track and respond to customer behaviour on your website. In terms of lead generation, behaviour analysis technology can play a tremendous role in helping you optimise your overall website lead capturing capabilities. Use behaviour analysis technology to gain perspective on which lead generation methods are working and which are not, then respond to this analysis by implementing more strategic strategies intended to bring you more leads.

4. Implement Urgency Strategies on Your Popups to Encourage Quick Action

Urgency can play a crucial role in converting a potential property sell prospect into a buyer. When you create lead generation strategies with a sense of urgency, you’re likely to see an increase in the number of overall leads you’re able to gather. For popup lead generations, in particular, the following methods work exceptionally well.

  • Countdown Clocks: A countdown clock gives a time when a certain discount or deal will be ending. For particularly challenge property sells, you could use this method create a sense of urgency, which could then lead to an offer on the estate.
  • Number of Views: When you let others know that properties are receiving views — along with real-time statistics on how many views the property is receiving — you create a sense of urgency that makes the prospect want to act quickly.

5. Experiment for Maximum Engagement

Lead generation is an ongoing process. To get the most leads, you’ll want to continually experiment with the best methods and approaches. Try placing lead-generating popups on different website pages, to see which pages bring about the most success. Try various popup trigger points, designs and methods to optimise and maximise your lead generation. Above all, never give up — lead generation is simple but it takes time.

Lead generation is a rewarding process that can have a real financial impact on your estate agency. If you’re looking for a simple lead generation plugin that will help you automatically capture leads on your website, try Bouncezap.